Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm Back! And I Have Pictures....

I'm officially back from vacation and let me just say how great it was to relax and take some time away for myself. But it is also good to be back home and re-energized and re-focused on plans and ideas for the future.

As promised, here are just a FEW highlights from my trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since this was my first time visiting the Rocky Mountain State, well my first time actually stepping foot on Colorado soil (I'm not counting the 10 + times I've had lay overs at the Denver airport)--I did take part in the tourist-role type of things to see and do while being there.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Monday Must Have: Vacation!

This is proof that spring is right around the corner!

March is here! And it is Monday! Usually this means either the Monday Must Have or Heavenly Bakers, but today is extra special, because Monday, March 1st is the official start of my two week vacation!

I'm so giddy with excitement, I might just be doing the dance of joy right now while typing this post! Where am I going, you ask? I'm traveling somewhere I've never been before and have planned a fun and relaxing vacation. I'm going to visit my best friend who's wedding cake I made last june and I finally get to visit her in her new home state!

So dear blogging friends, I will take tons of pictures to share with you in a couple of weeks and of course I will be checking out the local food scene and take in some bakeries too. And since I will have some extra time while waiting at the airport and during the flight, I will be catching up on this list and will share the highlights later in the month.

Have a great couple of weeks and I will visit your many wonderful blogs when I get back and catch up on your busy lives as well.